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Spring Gobbler Season Opening Day on Rapidan from Huntinglife Blog

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Photo from

Photo from

There is a blogpost from on the opening day of turkey season in the Rapidan WMA.  While not Turkeys were taken, it sounds like they had a good time.


Saturday was a beautiful day in the Virginia Countryside as hunters all over the state headed to the woods to chase the spring gobblers.  My usual haunts for spring gobblers were all filled up and one is being developed with new homes so we headed to the Rapidan WMA above Madison, Virginia.  Up in the hills attached to the National Park we headed in search of a really dumb gobbler.  What we found instead was a good bonding session between Tristan and I and a ton of deer.

Tristan and I were up at 4:30am and on the road in about 10 minutes.  We made it down to Madison in about an hour and got the truck fueled up and Tristan fueled up with some chocolate milk and a couple of breakfast bars and off we went.  Arriving early we jumped out of the truck to see a pretty nice herd of 10 to 12 deer boogie up over the mountain in front of us and deer on all sides of our location.