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Article on New Federal Gun Law and RWMA Hunting

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Here is an article from the Charlottesville Daily Progress that Ted Strong wrote on the new Federal gun law and how it will impact hunting access to parts of the Rapidan WMA.

The article discusses the improved access hunters will have to the Big Tom Tract, and the inability to transport harvested game off of the tract.

Big Tom Mountain is state-owned hunting land. This season, it will be legal to walk across other public land with a gun to get to the mountain. And on the mountain, it will be legal to kill a deer. But it will be against the rules to walk back out with the deer. It’s the result of a new federal law that allows guns into national parks and wildlife refuges, set to take effect Monday.

The article also mentions some of the access issues associated with the Rapidan WMA and Jerry Sims mentions the potential for improved access in the future.

Some of the tracts are very hard to access in a passenger car or are surrounded by private land. Sims said he dreams of doing some horse-trading with the park one day, allowing each agency to manage more contiguous lands. “Hopefully, the department will be able to work with the park service to develop additional access situations such as we currently have in the Devil’s Ditch [area],” he said.